The Jolo Serpent Handlers

1977, 40 mins.

“THE JOLO SERPENT HANDLERS not only provides insight into the lives of a particular group, it communicates something of the essence of religious belief worldwide. It’s not easy to film an exotic subject without making the people appear as aliens, but Karen Kramer has done it.” Curator, AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY

The Jolo Serpent Handlers

“A spectacular film”

“For those of us who are not used to seeing such things the film presents a marvel in front of your eyes. I feel very enlightened after having seen the movie.” DAILY NEWS, WEST VIRGINIA

“The best, most recent portrait of an unusual fundamental sect, it brings us closer to the reality and spirit of this little understood religious group than any other previous work. The film is perfect for groups interested in probing beneath the staid superstratum of American religious culture…it can prove its excellence as part of any program where an honest and moving portrait of the rural American character is a theme. It is not the type of film that gets lost in collections but rather leaves patrons wondering when Ms. Kramer’s next film will appear.” FILM LIBRARY QUARTERLY

The Jolo Serpent Handlers

“More than a religious document, THE JOLO SERPENT HANDLERS reaches into anthropology, sociology, mores, Americana. It needs to be seen in churches, synagogues, colleges, and all kinds of seminars where modes of life are considered.” FILM NEWS

“Because THE JOLO SERPENT HANDLERS concentrates on life and death as its dramatic question, it is the most compelling of films dealing with this subject.”

“This is the first time someone’s captured us the way we really are"