Haitian Song

1982, 52 mins.

To Serve the Gods

“A unique film, HAITIAN SONG is a film of another genre from all that we have seen and heard of Haiti. One hears the authentic voice of the peasants explaining the life of our home. I encourage you to see for yourself this film which will make your tears run, but will also make you laugh.” HAITI OBSERVATEUR

“HAITIAN SONG is the equivalent of ethnography, and by allowing its subjects to speak for themselves it affects a potent lesson in the interpretation of cultures. Color is sharp; focus is clear, subtitles are always legible. This film functions as a medium through which the soul and the values of a people speak. This is a painterly film. The view of the marketplace could have come right from a painter’s studio.”

“A nice blend of language, song, informative commentary, and scenes of life. Lingers on images until they begin to play in a new deeper, more emotionally resonant way. Sensitively done,” UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY

“The films attain a remarkable purity of social truth and spirit. You can do fieldwork in these films as if you were in a Haitian village. These films are Haiti, kept in love.”
Robert Ferris Thompson, YALE UNIVERSITY