Breaking Leaves

1998, 30 mins.

Breaking Leaves

“A fascinating look at traditional healing and the plants used by those who ‘break leaves’ in service of their patients and their villages, and their nation. The film is a fine contribution to our knowledge of the relationship between plants and human culture.”
Dr. Michael Balick, Director of the Institute of Economic Botany, NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN.

“Karen Kramer’s “Breaking Leaves” is a lyrical, intelligent and respectful film about the healing arts – an aspect of Haiti’s traditional religious life that is too often overlooked.”
Dr. Karen McCarthy Brown, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology of Religion, DREW UNIVERSITY

“This video should be a revelation to those interested in African-based cultures and philosophies. An ideal vehicle for educating museum and school audiences.”
Daniel Dawson, Multi-Cultural programs, THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY

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